The administrator of a local Facebook page has issued an apology that isn't really an apology after offending some Garth Brook fans this weekend.

If you don't currently follow the Midland Gazette's Facebook page, I think you're missing out. It's a page that's steeped in satire and provides quite a bit of local humor. Think of it as Mid-Michigan's version of 'The Onion' which is famous for capturing readers' attention with seemingly-plausible headlines that lead to ridiculous stories.

The Gazette hit paydirt Saturday with a post claiming that a Midland man had been arrested for blocking the US-10 entrance to the city in order to keep Garth Brooks fans from returning home after his Detroit concert.

"A Midland man was arrested late last night after several freeway drivers called the police to report suspicious activity. Police arrived at the US-10 Eastman Avenue entrance ramp to find Andrew Meyers building a roadblock, causing a backup of vehicles attempting to use the entrance."

In a followup post this morning, the site issued an apology to Brooks fans who had taken offense. (Although poring through the comments reveals that most who subscribe got the joke, and we're pretty sure there were no actual death threats.)

And just when we thought the apology was legit, the writer found a way to land yet another jab.

"We are deeply sorry - sorry you are a fan of the most overrated country singer ever to suck air, whose last hit was in 1990 but you continue to purchase every year as part of his latest compilation album. Long live Garth."

This Facebook page is funny as hell! And as you may expect, reading through the comments can be just as entertaining as the original posts.

Well played, Midland Gazette.


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