After the heavy rain that fell in Mid-Michigan, causing flooding and other problems for residents, Mother Nature is about to take a potentially deadly turn.  We've easily broken temperature and rainfall records over the past few days which has left the ground saturated.  With no where for that water to go, what will happen when the temperatures drop below the freezing point tonight?

People with basements like mine that don't normally flood, are seeing puddles and in some cases, a few inches of the overflow.  Flint saw over an inch and a half in less than 26 hours.

The ground that was frozen up until the unseasonable "April-like" weather conditions passed through our area, is now so saturated that there is no where for the water to drain.  That means that when the temperatures fall below freezing, as they are expected to do tonight, all that water will turn to ice.

Temperatures won't get above freezing until Monday, so in the mean time we will be dealing with more snow and high winds, on top of what is already on the ground.  Remember to give yourself plenty of time to get where you're going.  Also remember that black ice is very hard to see, and kills many Michiganders each year.

Going from temperatures flirting with the 60 degree mark to temps barely in the double-digits can spell disaster for motorists.  Another problem is that the salt we use to de-ice the roads becomes ineffective around 16 degrees above zero.

Personally, I'd rather deal with snow, even slush, over black ice.  Driving a light-weight car with bald tires and no anti-lock breaks, I will certainly be taking my time on the roads over the next few days.  Listen to Cars 108 for Traffic Watch and weather updates through the day, and be safe out there!

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