Last week we had our first bout of Michigan winter driving, but ice was more of a problem than snow.  Last night and this morning, Mother Nature dumped several inches over Mid-Michigan causing many accidents.

Bishop International Airport in Flint measured a storm total of five inches, while Lapeer and Holly saw about four and a half inches.  Six inches of the fluff was measured just four miles north of Burton, and Gross Pointe Farms in Wayne County registered almost seven inches of snow.

Driving in to work around 4:30 this morning, I was lucky that I was the only one on the road.  Had there been on coming traffic, or a car behind me, I certainly would have gotten into an accident when I lost control of my car.  I was traveling east on Grand Blanc Road approaching Dort Highway when I found myself spinning.  I did a 380 or two, almost took out a mailbox and came too close to ending up in a ditch.  I was a little shaky after the incident, but was glad to be able to continue my long trek through the snow.  It took me about twice as long to get here today.

There weren't nearly as many accidents as I was expecting this morning, and that's always a good thing.  Traffic was moving on average between 20 and 50MPH on the Flint area freeways this morning.  Looks like last week's ice helped prepare us for the roads, as snowy and slushy as they were this morning.  Now I'm looking forward to going home and playing with the kids outside!