In a world of streaming services, Netflix has traditionally led the way. From binge-watching favorites like Bridgerton to drama-packed shows like Firefly Lane and even those favorite flicks, you just can't get enough of, Netflix has it all.

As the "King of Streaming" services, with a reported 232.5 million paid subscribers worldwide in the first three months of 2023, Netflix is where America goes to "watch". Although you can spend countless hours scrolling through the Netflix library, each state seems to have that one show they're slightly obsessed with, and you may be surprised at who's watching what in each state.

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 PerfectReca personalized product recommendation site, relied on results from Google Trends top 50 Netflix series rankings to determine the "Most Popular Netflix Series in Every State". Hands down, the study showed that Stranger Things is the most popular Netflix original overall in the country, but because Michiganders don't embrace following the trend, that was not our top pick.

The Most Popular Netflix Series in Michigan

When it comes to Michigan, the most popular show of them all is a cheesy, yet uber-popular,  reality show called Too Hot to HandleYes, Michigan is all about sex, or should we say lack of it.

Too Hot to Handle, which made its debut is a reality show that follows the romantic lives of ten singles who are looking to have some fun and maybe enjoy a little romance in paradise, but there's a catch. The cast members can only win the show's $100,000 cash prize by NOT hooking up with one another.

The show, in its season, is of course filled with drama, but it wouldn't be worth watching if it wasn't. As a matter of fact, the premises of the show and refraining from sex were not divulged to the contestants of Season 4 until the very last minute adding some serious fuel to the "sexual tension" fire.

Netflix announced in January its renewal of Too Hot To Handle for season 5. Although there is no release date as of yet, it's expected to arrive in late 2023.

You can check out what other states are spending their time watching here. 

The Most Watched Netflix Shows Ever

According to the streaming service, these are the most popular series — based on their total view hours per title in their first 28 days of release on Netflix

The Most Watched Netflix Movies Ever

(These numbers refer to the number of accounts that tuned in during a film’s first 28 days of release. To qualify, ann account had to watch at least two minutes of a movie.)

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