Bell's Brewery has a new target consumer and they just happen to have four legs and fur.

Let's face it, pets are where it's at right now. Everyone has a soft spot for the fur babies of the world, and now Michigan's own Bell's Brewery is serving up something special just for them.

Bell's Brewery has extended their line of selections to now include beer inspired toys for pets. Are you loving this so far? We are.

You can now purchase the cutest plush, squeaky can toy of either Oberon, Two Hearted, Light Hearted or Official for your dog. Available on the website, the beer inspired toy will set you back $12 and is described as,

"Perfect for when your best friend is bored, missing you, or just wants to squeak the hell out of something when you’re trying to get romantic or some shuteye. Remember, your pooch is the only one who truly gives you unconditional love. And Milk-Bones® are so passé. Available in four of your favorite brews".

Bell's hasn't forgot your feline friends either. They are offering up a toy that pays homage to their Two Hearted Ale fish from the label for $6.99.  They toy is described as, they perfect toy to satisfy your cats obsession with the fish on the can and a perfect addition to your home with a little catnip enhancement.

Bell's Brewery also has a awesome assortment of pet collars to keep your four-legged children looking chic and stylish and some cool leashes and bandannas too.

So now you and your pet can "grab" a Bell's together!


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