A West Michigan woman says she was ripped off, claiming that an employee at a cellphone store cleaned out her account while she was buying a new phone.

Linda - whose last name has been withheld at her request - wants to warn others about the potential risks of giving access to banking apps to anyone who might put their hands on your phone.

What Are the Details?

The Muskegon Heights woman tells WZZM-TV in the video below that she decided to upgrade her phone. She left the device in the care of an employee who was transferring her data to the new cellphone.

When Linda got home, she discovered that the balance in her 'Cash App' online banking app had been wiped out.

"Somehow, what I had in my Cash App account, which was $1,818, he took it all and left me 51 cents," Linda said. "I was so upset I cried."

Linda tells the TV station she had been counting on using the money to help her mother who is on dialysis.

Use Caution When Using Banking Apps

Katie Grevious is a spokesperson with the Better Business Bureau. She says that apps like Cash App, Venmo, and PayPal are convenient but they also pose risks.

“Just being aware in the first place, that there are risks, and knowing those risks, can help you make smarter purchases and who you're doing transactions with,” she tells the TV station.

Grevious notes that connecting these apps with a credit card rather than a bank account can offer an extra layer of protection.


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