She lost everything almost four weeks ago.

Can you believe that? It's been FOUR WEEKS since the devastating flooding in Midland County. It feels like it's only been four DAYS, in my opinion. Then again, for those still living in shelters and campers in mid-Michigan, it probably feels like four YEARS.

Kathy Parsch is one of those people who lost it all when the Edenville and Sanford dams broke and unleashed billions of cubic feet of water from the Tittabawassee River into the surrounding communities back in May.

Her mom, Mary Parsch, passed away six years ago and Kathy has kept her ashes ever since. After the flood, Kathy told WNEM-TV 5 that she and her friends returned to her house eight different times to look for her mom's urn...without luck.

On Sunday, Kathy's friend Margaret Charbonneau said that she had a "gut feeling" and decided to go back and look. She found a piece of a broken window and started digging in the corner of Kathy's bedroom...and, sure enough, she found Mary's urn.

Kathy said that, since she now is in possession of her mom's ashes, she can finally move forward and move on.

Can you even imagine? You're evacuated in a matter of minutes because of a pending, historic flood and you don't have time to assess what matters the most to you - you just have to up and leave. And then, you start thinking about all of the things that you've lost, including the ashes of a loved one.

We're so happy for Kathy - she's got some great friends.

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