Secret Santa is always fun, especially the part about finding out who has been "gifting" you throughout the season. So how would you like to find out your Secret Santa was none other than the second richest man in the world Bill Gates?

Shelby, from metro Detroit, has been doing the Reddit Gift Exchange for quite awhile. 95 times to be exact. Turns out this time would be her luckiest. Shelby ended up receiving 81 pounds of Secret Santa gifts from multi-billionaire Bill Gates.

It seems Gates joins RedditGifts’ Secret Santa exchange every year, and participants eagerly await to find out for whom he will get to play Santa. Year after year, Gates and his team do research in order to gift goodies perfectly tailored to each recipient’s tastes and likes.

Shelby, a self-proclaimed 'Star Wars' fan and proud "geek," says her gifts were everything she loved and dreamed of. Her presents from Santa Gates included plenty of nods to her favorite movies, books, and video games. The veritable Christmas jackpot included a giant Hogwarts castle from Harry Potter, a retired R2D2 puzzle, and a priceless bound manuscript of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 'The Great Gatsby' novel that features some of the author’s handwritten notes as he was writing the novel. The novel is a huge favorite of Shelby's, but what touched her most the something personal that Gates included.

As part of Shelby's special Christmas, Gates made a donation to the American Heart Association in honor of Shelby’s mother, who passed away in March, just 10 days before Shelby’s wedding. The donation was accompanied by a personal note from Gates saying, “I know no gift will ever make up for losing someone so important to you. I was very sorry to hear about your mom and I’ve made a donation to the American Heart Association in her memory. I hope you and your family find your new normal this holiday season.”

As for Shelby, she says she will continue the spirit of giving. “I’m definitely gonna keep participating in Reddit Gifts. It brings me a lot of joy,” Shelby said. “I can’t wait to continue, and to spoil more people with presents, and pass it forward.”

Check out a preview of the presents below.

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