Merry Xmizzle from Snoop Dogg, your Reddit Secret Santa!

If you're on Reddit, you can be part of the program, where you exchange gifts with strangers. They're usually anonymous, but celebrities like Bill Gates and Arnold Schwarzenegger have come out and revealed their identities in the past.

A woman named Erin from Alabama, who wanted to keep her identity private, has revealed that her Secret Santa was, in fact, none other than...Snoop Dogg. The note, accompanied with Snoop slippers, a  drone, socks, and some "leaves" in a package (which Erin says are green tea).

"What Up Erin, Merry Xmizzle to you and your fam! Even a Bo$$ Lady like you need to kicc bacc and relax sometimes. Hope you like these goodies I chose for you. Keep ya head up and stay on your grind in 2017. Your Santa - Snoop Dogg"

Fo rizzle. Best Chrismizzle ever.