When Amanda Carpenter's plants kept disappearing, she installed security cameras. But that didn't stop a thief from stealing her rose bushes again, and again, and again.

The Inkster woman plastered a picture of the thief captured by her cameras all over Facebook.

"All these empty spots are where she's taken plants, and now I just have these two rose bushes and no hostas," Carpenter tells WDIV.

Although she's upset that her perennials keep disappearing, she says she has to laugh when people ask her why there are gaping holes in her flower beds.

"They immediately ask what drugs she was on, because who steals plants?" Carpenter said.

Carpenter says that the thief must really be bold because she struck again while she was outside mowing her lawn.

She's since turned the surveillance video over to the police and says she's not going to plant anything else until the thief is caught.

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