The Macomb County Sheriff's Office has since deleted the comments from their Facebook page.

Earlier this week, we brought you the story about the woman who was rescued from Lake St. Clair. Korisa Miller was fishing off the dock with her friend when she slipped, banged her knee and fell into the water. Body cam video shows the heroic rescue and was posted on the Macomb County Sheriff's Office on Facebook.

And, as they always do, the trolls came out. Commenters (mostly men) weren't shy about body-shaming her and chastising her for her lack of clothing (without reading that her hoodie and jacket had been removed by her rescuers so they could pull her up).

The Macomb County Sheriff's Office has deleted a lot of the comments, but some still remain on the Detroit Free Press's page.

I always find it ironic that most (and I emphasize that for a reason because it's not all) of the body-shaming comments seem to come from men. It's like they're offended because you don't look like a supermodel. What the heck makes YOU such a catch?

We had a boss in radio once who weighed upwards of 600 pounds, and he was the most judgmental, machismo guy I'd ever met. He'd never shy away from commenting about women's appearances and frequently played the "is she fat or pregnant" game in public with women he didn't even know.

Trolls are always going to be around; in the old days, before social media, we called them "bullies." But the fact that it's traditionally MEN who comment on women's appearances is beyond me. And NOTHING makes bullying "okay."

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And don't pretend that you care about their health, either. That's called "health-shaming." You don't care about them personally; you're veiling your bullying in fake concern for their well-being.

Speaking of fake concern for a stranger's health, did you know that she used to be 400 pounds? No, you didn't, because you don't know her personally. She had to come out and say it because she was being criticized for her weight.

Guys, sit down. Women are getting better at adjusting each others' crowns when they fall off, yet a lot of you men are still stuck in the dark ages. Work on it. You have NO IDEA what women face in the real world.

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