One way to show just how slippery it is outside is to fall on your a** on Live TV. That is exactly what channel 13 Meteorologist Michael Behrens did, albeit not on purpose.

Behrens, broadcasting from in front of an outdoor green screen, took the spill Saturday night as a wintry mixed gripped much of Lower Michigan. The WZZM weather vet said he practiced sliding across the Grand Rapids TV station's 'weather patio' a couple of times before the live broadcast.

Practice does not always make perfect.

"That did not feel good," Behrens said with a laugh after the fall.

Behrens took the faux pas in stride, posting the video below on Twitter.
"This is the magic of #LIVE #TV folks. #ICYMI I tried to slide into my forecast last night and it ended with a painful reminder that mother nature is the one in charge. Take a watch and enjoy a laugh!" he said.

He appears to take a pretty good hit to the back of his head but says he didn't sustain any injuries.

And if you had been considering going out Saturday night, seeing Behrens' fall probably would have convinced you to do otherwise. So all in all, we say the stunt was affective.

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