In just a couple of weeks, Michigan, you're going to be in for a treat. A total 'Blood Moon' lunar eclipse will take place and Michigan is in the prime viewing area.

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When Will the Blood Moon be Visible?

A partial lunar eclipse will begin at 10:28 pm on the evening of Sunday, May 15. It'll be after midnight when the moon appears to take on a red hue, hence the term 'Blood Moon.' The lunar eclipse will be at its maximum at 12:11 am (Monday, May 16), and end at 1:55 am. The possibility of viewing the Blood Moon in Michigan is excellent.

The Moon will pass through Earth's shadow, which is what creates a total lunar eclipse.

This is the first full lunar eclipse to occur since January 20, 2019.

If you miss this lunar eclipse, you'll have to wait until Tuesday, November 8th of this year, which also happens to be election day.

Other Significant Astronomical Events Occurring in May

May 2:  Moon meets Mercury and Pleiades. The two-day-old Moon will pass 1 degree, 50 feet to the south of Mercury and close to the Pleiades cluster.

May 5:  Moon at apogee. The Moon will reach its farthest point from Earth and appear slightly smaller than usual.

May 6:  Aquariid Meteor Shower. Fireballs from comet Halley, the Aquariids, will be active from April 19 to May 28.

May 8:  Lyrids Meteor Shower. The Lyrids will be at their peak on this day. You should be able to see them shortly before dawn.

May 17:  Moon at Perigee. The Moon will reach its closest point to Earth and appear slightly bigger than usual.

May 17:  Mars-Neptune Conjunction. Mars will be just zero degrees 34 feet to the south of Neptune.

May 25:  Clustering of Moon, Jupiter, and Mars. At this point, the moon will be 25 days old and will pass close to Jupiter in the dawn sky.

May 26:  Lunar Occultation of Venus. The Moon will pass in front of Venus.

May 29:  Jupiter=Mars Conjunction. Jupiter will pass zero degrees 38 feet to the north of Mars in the constellation of Pisces, according to the video provided by the Secrets of the Universe below.

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