The investigation surrounding the disappearance and murder of a West Michigan teacher will soon be featured on national TV.

The Discovery Channel's 'Hometown Homicide' series will feature the case of Theresa Lockhart who disappeared in May of 2017. Her husband Christopher was considered a person of interest during the five-month search that followed her disappearance, but proof of his involvement did not surface until after his death.

Christopher Lockhart took his own life in October of 2017, leaving a suicide note that detailed how he had killed his wife and where to find her body.

Joan Mullowney will be featured in the Discovery Channel's episode that spotlights her sister's death. She traveled from her home in Canada to Kalamazoo and tells WWMT that filming the documentary was a unique experience.

She says she hopes her sister's story will encourage anyone suffering from physical, emotional, or mental abuse to seek help.

“If it happens to you get help, don’t hide it. And I think a lot of men and women and afraid to come out and say I’ve been abused,” said Mullowney. “Nobody’s alone—they might feel like they’re alone and that there’s no one out there, but there’s always somebody that’s been through that situation and those people can actually help them.”

The airdate for Lockhart's story on Hometown Homicides has yet to be announced.

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