A senior at Grand Valley State has started her own business with some very special employees.

Zoe Bruyn told WOOD-TV hat she's always wanted to have her own business, but she never thought she'd own a bakery. One thing that's always bothered her, though, is that 70% of people with disabilities and special needs are unemployed. She has cousins that have special needs, so this is near and dear to her heart.

She started the bakery, Stir It Up, out of her home kitchen, and won over $20,000 from business competitions last year. She's partnered with a church in Grand Rapids to use their commercial-sized kitchen, and will have her own kitchen by next year.

She has three employees: Kyle, Megan and Jessie, who all have special needs...and a desire to bake. Zoe hopes to bring her business model around the country at some point. And we hope she does, too.

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