A bill passed through the Michigan Senate last week that would raise the state's minimum wage.

The Republican led bill passed on a vote of 24-14 and is now headed to the House. According to NBC 25, it would tie the minimum wage increase to inflation with a cap. A raise to $8.15 was targeted initially but was raised to $9.20 by 2017 after negotiations. Tipped employees would see their base pay raise also from $2.65 to $3.50.

The bill would repeal the existing wage law and begin a new one. It would also put a stop to an initiative to get a raise to $10.10 - which is the amount being discussed at the federal level - on the November ballot.

So, it seems that a raise to minimum wage in Michigan is coming provided it passes the House, which is also Republican led. But is it enough in your opinion? What about the timing of it? Too far away?

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