Yes, it's real. Kinda looks like an ad for Australian tourism, doesn't it? 

This has to be a farce. Satire. Right? RIGHT???

Like, they had to know how bad it was when they made it. They had to make it with humor in mind. At least, we hope so.

Valiant effort, SOS. No, seriously. There's absolutely nothing enjoyable about going to your locations, waiting for an hour and then spending a ton of money. Especially now that the prices have gone up - it's an even worse hit to the wallet.

The commercial is for their service, which allows us to pay for services online, print documents and go on with our day. I've used it, it's fantastically convenient.

Here's the cool part for Ruth Johnson and the folks at the SOS - we have to use their services, so they don't really "need" to advertise. But, if they're gonna make a commercial, it had better be entertaining. Mission accomplished.


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