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A road rage incident in Troy ended with a police officer wrestling with a driver on the ground along I-75.

Video of the incident below details the incident which authorities say started near I-75 and Lapeer Rd. A 911 caller says that the female driver in a white Chevy Cruz nearly sideswiped him and then followed him for roughly ten miles. The incident turned violent when a male passenger tried to throw something at the caller's vehicle and then threatened the man.

"The next thing I know, he slams on his brakes, jumps out of the car, and threw something at my car," the man told the 911 operator. "It sounded like a brick or something hit the rear end of my car, so naturally I stopped and when I stopped he came running up on me saying he was gonna blow me away."

Police were dispatched, cathing up with the occupants of the Cruz near I-75 and Big Beaver Rd. Troy police say they refused to exit the vehicle and put the car in reverse several times causing the vehicle's door to strike the officer.

As the officer forcefully removed the driver from the vehicle and attempted to arrest her, he was attacked by the male passenger.

Watch and listen to the video below, as the caller offers a play-by-play of the incident to the 911 operator.

WXYZ reports that the female driver and her male passenger were eventually arrested and are now in custody. A machete was also found inside the vehicle.


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