Michigan, what are we going to do with you? You were told not to stare directly into the sun, but did you listen? Apparently not.

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Immediately after the Total Solar Eclipse that wowed millions across the country yesterday (4/8), Google searches for the phrases "My eyes hurt" and "Why do my eyes hurt" spiked here in Michigan and in three other states.

The Total Solar Eclipse in Michigan

Technically, a very small portion of Michigan was included on the very edge of the Path of Totality. The southeastern-most corner of the state in Monroe County (just north of Toledo) experienced a 100 percent blockage of the sun, albeit for only a few seconds.

Around Michigan's two Peninsulas, eclipse viewing varied. Prior to Monday's event, we took a look around the state and calculated just how much of the sun would be hidden by the moon in 20 different cities. For most of us, the percentages ranged from about 82% (in the western UP) to about 99% in the Lower Peninsula.

'My Eyes Hurt' Google Searches

As you can see in this graph, Google Searches for the phrase "My eyes hurt" peaked at 3:20 pm, just minutes after the moon passed in front of the sun.

Google searches for my eyes hurt

Digging a little deeper into the data, you can see that the highest number of people searching that phrase was in Vermont, followed closely by Michigan and Ohio. Residents of New York and Indiana also seemed to be making the same online query.

Yahoo discovered this TikTok user who sarcastically comments, "Congratulations, everyone. We've done it," after comparing the number of Google searches per state to a map that shows the Path of Totality.


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