So many people complain about social media, but without it, we'd never hear about this!

This story was sent to us from a listener - Tami sent us a Facebook message saying that the woman who posted it, Margo and her son are friends of hers. Margo says that her son Karl and his family were vacationing over the weekend near Silver Lake State Park on the west side of the state.

She says that they were all on a tour, and the tour guide had mentioned how the drop-off was about 20 feet, but not everybody heard it. She posted as follows:

They were swimming having fun when a lady called out for help my daughter in law Jeannie yelled to Karl who being an exceptional swimmer swam out and grabbed a 4 yr old going under, hoisted him to Jeannie then went back and saved 3 more people one who was face down floating. He managed to save all four drowning in a drop off of 20ft. This is a Hero to me and the family he saved, he never stopped until he had all the people on the beach safe!!!!!!!

Another great reminder to be careful when swimming in public lakes - you never know how deep it is. What a great guy! Thanks for posting this, Margo! And thank you to Tami for sending it to us!

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