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Andrej Sensnovis says he now has a lifetime of stories to tell. The Kalamazoo man drove his lawnmower from Los Angeles to Tampa, participating in a reality show called 'The Great Grass Race.'

The show, which streams on Menace Vision, paired teams of drivers who were willing to drive their lawnmowers across the country without any necessities like money or food.

"We had no gas, no food, no money, no place to stay, nothing," Sensnovis tells WWMT. "We had to rely on the good hearts of Americans to get us across the country from point A to point B. And the people that I met were just absolutely amazing."

had to appeal to people he met along the way for help, asking for food, supplies, and places to sleep during the journey. The 53-year-old was a bit emotional as he reminisced about the generosity of the people he met along the way.

"They were all calling me a big girl on the show because I was brought to tears a bunch of times because of the good nature of people," he said. "And part of the premise was to show that there are still good people in America [with] good hearts, willing to help a stranger in need."

The 12 participants were originally supposed to drive their mowers from LA to New York, but Sensnovis said they had to change course because of COVID-19.

Teams compete for a $100,000 cash prize, but Sensnovis said he is grateful for the opportunity to see and smell America, all at five and a half miles per hour.

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