You have to really hate your coworker if you're willing to poison them and risk going to prison.

A Cedar Springs man is in some serious trouble after he allegedly put anti-freeze into a co-worker’s water bottle on more than one occasion. The two work at Packaging Personified in Sparta.

According to MLive, Johnny Jesus Castellanos, 48, is charged with poisoning someone’s food, drink, medicine or water supply. It carries a maximum 15-year prison sentence.

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Apparently, the woman (victim) purchased a spy camera because she had the feeling someone was tampering with her water bottle. Well, she was right.

Sparta police:

The camera captured Johnny Castellanos enter her work area, take her water bottle and add a green-colored liquid to the bottle. He shakes the bottle and leaves the area.

While at work over the past few months she noticed her water would go from tasting normal to all of a sudden tasting a bit odd. I have no idea what anti-freeze taste like but I would imagine it's something you would notice right away.

Police tested the woman's water bottles and low and behold, they contained ethylene glycol, a substance used in anti-freeze.

The guy claims that he thought he was putting vitamin C drops into his own water bottle. Suuuuuure you did buddy.

I'm just wanting to know why this dude hates this woman so much? Did they have a work fling going on and she put a stop to it? Was she mean and nasty and hard to work with? Maybe the guy is just messed up and we'll never know why he did what he did.

What's the worst thing you ever did to a coworker that they are clueless about?

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