Mid-Michigan residents are outraged after hearing news that a man who won $2 million from the lottery last June is still using his bridge card to buy groceries. Oddly enough, he is still eligible by the state's current criteria.

59 year old Leroy Fick of Auburn has just become the second most popular Leroy on Google, problem is his popularity is mostly negative. Mid-Michigan resident are shocked that the man is still on food assistance after taking the $850k lump sum pay out from the 'Make Me Rich' lottery game last June. Surprisingly, Fick is not ashamed of this at all. He told NBC25:

"I don't think I've done anything wrong. If the state has got a problem with its laws, they can fix them. They really should...If I'm eligible, I'm eligible. Right? I had injuries to my back quite a while ago. It keeps getting worse."

Fick believes that because he is unable to work he should be able to continue using his Bridge Card and said of those who have a problem with the situation:

"They're just a bunch of busy-bodies. They've got nothing better to do than gossip"

Politicians are now getting involved and State Representative Charles Brunner said in a statement:

"There can be no excuses for state officials simply shrugging their shoulders and rubber-stamping forms when they see abuse of taxpayer money intended to help those who are truly in need. We have thousands of families all over Bay County who are struggling to find jobs, feed their families and keep their homes, and this guy has the nerve to cheat the system – but what's worse is that the state allows it to happen. I'm going to do everything I can to end this sickening practice immediately."

Here is Fick speaking to WNEM TV5 and below that is Leroy winning his $2 mil. Do you think he is within his rights or is he milking a system that is already in financial ruin?

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