Christmas came early for one local man to the tune of becoming $400,000 richer. Gerald Sproull, 67, won big on Michigan Lottery's "The Big Spin" show.

Sproull was one of just five people selected to spin the wheel for a shot at $4 million. Each person selected is guaranteed to win at least $100,000. He was picked in a random drawing to appear on "The Big Spin" show after entering his non-winning instant game ticket.

Sproull couldn't believe his luck saying, “When I got the call that I was chosen as a contestant, I couldn’t believe it.I started jumping up and down and rethinking my life knowing I was guaranteed a large amount of money.”

So what's Sproull's plans for his winnings? He said he plans to retire, travel and buy a new car and house. Merry Christmas Gerald Sproull!


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