Calling all Michigan kids with a dream of being on television. WKAR will be hosting an open casting call in August for a nationwide TV show.

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'Curious Crew', is an award-winning show that stars inquisitive kids exploring science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Are you still with me, or is your kid out of the running already?

If not, the show is looking to cast kids from the age of 9-years-old to thirteen. The open casting call will take at the WKAR studios in Lansing on Thursday, August 4th. Times are as follows,

  • Kids ages 9 to 10 -  4:00 PM
  • Kids ages 11 to 12 - 5:00 PM
  • Kids age 13 - 6:00 PM

All participating kids, must complete the following paperwork, and bring both waivers to the audition,

Additional information about 'Curious Crew' and the audition process,

  • All kids auditioning must be at least nine years old on or before Aug. 4, 2022.
  • All kids auditioning must have a parent or guardian with them.
  • The cast of 'Curious Crew' is not paid.
  • Participants must check in at the MSU Communication Arts and Sciences Building.
  • Selected cast members must be available 3p-9p weekdays between September 15th and November 15th. The exact dates and times are yet to be determined. Show taping usually lasts 3 to 4.5 hours.

You can check out an episode of 'Curious Crew' below. Best of luck to all of the Michigan kids who audition. If you kid makes the cut - let me know.


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