What are the chances?!?!?!?!

The Wiefrich family lives in Lansing. They adopted Bambi when she was seven or months old. When their golden retriever passed away from cancer, Bambi started to escape from the house. They brought home another dog to keep her company, but she ran away again six months later. And this time, they couldn't find her.

Fortunately, Bambi was microchipped. However, that didn't help them find her...until recently. She had been missing for FOUR YEARS when a police officer in Ohio found her wandering a neighborhood in Toledo. They brought her to a local animal control center, and called the Wiefrich family.

They were SHOCKED to hear that she was still alive. When they came to get her, they didn't even recognize her...until they identified some marks on her and she howled at them.

They brought her home, and say that she even remembers some of her old tricks.

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