Chewy and his owner Rachel will be making an appearance on national TV. (Isn't it funny how the dog gets top billing in this situation?)

The pair from Saint Johns, Michigan are slated to compete on 'America's Top Dog' tonight at 8 pm on the A&E television network.

What is America's Top Dog?

The show puts dogs and their humans through rigorous tests that challenge their speed, agility, and teamwork. Rachel says she and Chewy have been training hard.

"The show is like American Ninja Warrior, but with your dog," Rachel Clark tells Grand Rapids TV station WZZM.

The show's contestants compete for a $10,000 prize and a chance to move on to compete for $25,000 in a later round.

Chewy Got Off to a Rough Start

Rachel was introduced to her best friend while working her first kennel job as a teenager. She says it was love at first sight.

But something happened was Chewy was just a puppy. Rachel got the phone call no pet owner ever wants to get.

"I got a call, probably around 11 a.m. or 12, saying that he had gotten hit by a car," she says. "I was just in such a panic."

Rachel says the accident rotated his rib cage and bruised his lungs. The pup was on an oxygen tank for several days.

Full Recovery

A few years later, you'd never know Chewy had been hurt.

Clark can't disclose how they did in the competition, but she's anxious to show off just what Chewy can do when their episode airs tonight.

"I'm very excited and very nervous," she says. "I got to show off Chewy in the process and that's really what it was all about."

See Rachel and Chewy tonight at 8 pm on A&E.

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