If you've ever been to Whaley or known a Whaley kiddo, you know how much they need this kind of joy in their lives.

Something I always tell people about the Whaley Children's Center - it's the saddest, yet most hopeful place you'll ever visit. The things these kids have been through are unimaginable - horrific physical and emotional abuse, neglect, etc. Some are worse than others, but all are very, very well taken care of by the Whaley staff.

We're very close with the staff there - Mindy, Dawn, Sam, etc. They view these kids as if they were their own, and one thing they always want to ensure is that they have holidays just like every other child.

United Shore, a mortgage lender out of Troy, donated Easter baskets yesterday to each and every one of the kids staying at Whaley yesterday - hand-delivered to Flint.

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