May the force be with you, and also with you. Wait, that's not right!

As a former Catholic, Ash Wednesday was always "that one day" you needed to go to church in the middle of the week, but it crept up on you and you were left scrambling. Let's be honest, Wednesday is a weird day. For our household, it means work, school,  an afternoon work meeting and, for AJ, dance class at night. So, where's the TIME?

Now, churches are offering "drive-thru ashes" as a way to get more of us to church. Technically, I wouldn't call it "going to church;" it's more a way to fulfill one of your religious obligations for the Lenten season.

An Episcopal church in Southfield on 12 Mile Road is offering up their pastors to stand outside on March 5th and administer ashes to cars who drive up to the church. When we talked about this on our show, we got a call that St. Paul's in Flint also does drive-thru ashes.

So now, there's NO EXCUSE not to get your ashes on. Literally.

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