If you and the family are sick and tired of being cooped up all the time because you can't find anything fun to do. Well, get ready for the drive-thru Dino Safari that is coming to Michigan later this month.

What you can expect

The drive-thru features more than 40 giant moving dinosaurs on a globe-trotting expedition. You can expect to see the mighty T rex of North America to the giant amphibious Spinosaurus from Africa. You'll also learn how dinosaurs evolved over time, where on earth they lived, and the discoveries paleontologists have made about how they ate, moved, and behaved.

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Dino Safari:

Beware: along the journey, earthquakes might erupt, dinosaurs could battle, and your family might just have to help save a baby dinosaur’s life! So, buckle up for the adventure of a lifetime in this completely COVID-safe experience!

Where and when is this event happening?

The drive-thru Dino Safari will be coming to the Suburban Collection Showplace at 46100 Grand River Avenue in Novi. The event runs from May 28 through June 13.

They'll be open from 12-8 pm Monday through Thursdays and from 9 am to 9 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Ticket info:

Tickets are sold on a per-car basis, meaning the more people you bring, the lower your per-person cost.

    • $49.95 per car up to 7 occupants
    • $59.95 for large-capacity vehicles

They do expect this event to sell out so they recommend getting your tickets in advance.

You don't have a lot of options right now when it comes to doing fun things with the family so this might be one for you to check out.

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