I am officially in full nostalgia heaven. If you’re just learning that Saturday morning cartoons would be making a return, now add this one to the excitement.

It seems television executives finally realize that what the world needs right now is some good old fashioned nostalgia. It’s been a year of reboots and remakes of some of our favorites, but it's the originals that we really love.

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Dinosaurs, a Jim Henson creation, will be making its way back to Disney+. The popular sitcom that aired on ABC from 1991-94 is back in all its original splendor for all you kids of the 90's.

Disney+ the popular streaming service shared the news on Tuesday that they are bringing back the popular show about the prehistoric Sinclair family, Dinosaurs will arrive on Disney+ on January 29, 2021.

If you missed it the first time around, the show is set in 60,000,000 or so years BC, and follows the Sinclair family led by father Earl. Executive producer Brian Henson, Jim’s son who is now the current chairman of The Jim Henson Company, thinks Disney+ is the perfect place for a Dinosaurs revival saying,

Although up until pretty recently it was on Hulu and it has had quite a following on Hulu. I think the audience will more easily find it on Disney+, which is terrific. It sits very well on Disney+. When they were divvying up what goes where, they eventually decided Dinosaurs should be over on Disney+. I think it’ll find a bigger and new audience base on Disney+.

So who's ready to utter the classic baby tagline: “Not the Mama!”??


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