There is no doubt that this year has had most of us uttering the words “remember when”. Now when it comes to 2020 that part is pretty much reserved for reflecting back to just February of this year when restaurants were open you could go see a movie on a Saturday night, and be able to recognize somebody you see on the street because you can actually see their entire face. Ahhh the good old days.

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Lately I’ve been reflecting a little further back than just 10 months ago. Maybe it’s the holiday season that gets me reminiscent of my childhood. The other morning I actually had a bowl of cereal for breakfast and automatically flashed back to Saturday mornings as a kid... you know… you woke up early grabbed a bowl of cereal and plopped yourself down in front of the TV because Saturdays were for cartoons!

Maybe I’m showing my age with that, but I’m sure many can remember when you only had three TV channels in the cartoons were classic. We’re talking Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, Tom and Jerry, and my favorite Martin the Martian.

Well here’s something to brighten your chaotic 2020. They’re all coming back! Saturday morning cartoons are back!

Starting 2021, MeTV is bringing back all your favorites on Saturday mornings just like it used to be. Starting on January 2nd at 7 AM, me TV will offer a three-hour “all cartoons, all the time" block that is reminiscent of the Saturday morning broadcasts from when your were a kid. 

So grab your favorite cereal and get ready to spend your Saturday mornings in your jammies hanging out with the Tasmanian Devil, because Saturday Morning Cartoons are back! 


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