Parents who grew up during the 70's & 80's get ready to school your kids the way we learned it all. Schoolhouse Rock is coming back.

The highlight for me during those Saturday morning cartoons was always Schoolhouse Rock. There was just something about those clips that kept me glued to the television,  and thank God because it helped me through a few history tests down the road.

The animated musical shorts ran on ABC between 1973-1984, and thanks to Disney+ they are getting a reboot. On June 19th, season one of “Schoolhouse Rock” will be available on Disney+ for streaming. The other seasons haven't been confirmed as of yet, but will hopefully air at a later date.

Season one will feature the favorite "My Hero Zero" and "Three is a Magic Number" since the first round was titled "Multiplication Rock".  Each series produced had a theme from "Grammar Rock", which gave us the catchy tune "Conjunction Junction",  to "Science Rock".

No doubt the most popular, or at least my favorite, was the series "America Rock". I think everyone fell in love with the sweet little "Bill" sitting there on Capitol Hill. That particular series was done for season three to coincide with America's bicentennial.

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Although the original series only ran until 1984, the concept carried on in many forms. It was revived with both new and old episode from 1993-1996, and then had a straight to video run starting in 2009. There have been soundtracks released and even live versions of the Saturday morning favorite. Schoolhouse Rock Live! premiered in 1993 with Schoolhouse Rock Live, Too hitting the stage in Chicago in 2000.

For a certain generation it's almost a cult like fixture. I, for one, wish my kids were younger so I could introduce them to the knowledge you just can't stop singing. Although....I will have grand-kids soon. Grandma will be ready to do some serious schooling. ;)


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