Yes, you can cruise through the Upside Down safely.

Hawkins, Indiana has come to the west coast and you still have plenty of time to check it out - a Stranger Things interactive drive-thru has opened in the Los Angeles area.

While the pandemic has delayed the 4th season of the show until 2021, if you're visiting southern California, you can take part in this fully-immersive experience. You start at the Starcourt Mall, where food and drinks are brought to your car (depending on the level of your ticket). Mr. Clark, Hawkins High School's biology teacher, will lead cars who want to play through a trivia game while everybody is checked in, and all of the actors are lookalikes.

Other than that, the organizers have been VERY clear that they want to keep the experience a surprise, so there isn't much information on it. does inform us, however, that there are a LOT of strobe lights, and also to make sure that you have enough gas to idle. Also, whoever is driving needs to stay within the cones.

Excuse me while I buy my tickets for...well, whenever we get to Los Angeles. Here's the info, if you're actually SERIOUS about it.

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