Seven Christmas tree farms in Michigan are spreading Christmas cheer this year by sending approximately 600 Christmas Trees to military families in North Carolina.

Dozens of volunteers gathered at Wahmhoff Farm Nursery in the town of Gobles, where the trees from nurseries in Allegan County and the Lansing area had been gathered.

Owner Dan Wahmhoff gathered the crowd in prayer before the work of loading the trees began.

“Folks like yourself coming here to volunteer your time in this kind of weather, it’s just so great,” Wahmhoff said to the crowd. “I think we all appreciate our troops.”

'Trees for Troops' began in 2005, sending trees from Michigan to military families who can use a little good cheer this time of the year.

“It’s a big deal to me to be able to contribute back, to give them something positive for their Christmas time,” Wahmhoff tells Fox 17. “I know a lot of them are sacrificing it, away from their families or the families are by themselves.”

The expense of transporting the trees is completely covered by FedEx.

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