*shouting from the rooftops* IT'S ABOUT TIIIIIIME!!!!

Last week, Governor Whitmer called on the state legislature to address distracted driving, and that's exactly what they did - not one, not two, but THREE bills were introduced that would ban holding your phone will driving.

First of all, if your phone doesn't have Bluetooth capabilities, you'd be allowed to mount your phone on your dashboard. So we can put that concern to bed.

16 other states have already enacted a similar law. Case in point - in 2017, there were over 5,000 accidents (23 of them were fatal) that were caused by people using electronic devices while driving.

It's already illegal to text while you're driving in Michigan and some cities have passed their own laws about holding your phone - it's illegal in Troy, Battle Creek and Warren.

I don't know about you but I am OVER people using their phones while they drive. It's painfully obvious when somebody is distracted by their phone while they drive. Yes, we see you - doing the quick look down to your phone in your lap or holding it up to your ear. And the rest of us are done with your shenanigans.

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