A Michigan based pizza chain has really upped their game when it comes to delivery!

Find out who and how.

Michigan based pizza giant Domino's has really raised the stakes in the pizza delivery game. Never mind the "30 minutes or less" guarantee! They have commissioned, and are testing a drone operated delivery helicopter, dubbed the DomiCopter.

This appears to be the real deal, with the capability to deliver two large pizzas within a four mile radius of the store. The pizzas stay warm in the thermal insulation bag currently used by drivers.

The DomiCopter will undergo more testing and the hope is that it will be able to deliver additional food items like bottles of pop and additional pizzas. New features could include an electronic compass and an on-board GPS system.

See the DomiCopter in action below.



I guess you wouldn't have to tip a helicopter, but what do you think of this new pizza delivery method?