The former owner of Chasse Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio was given his sentence earlier this afternoon.

The judge said that he couldn't be lenient with LaJoice, because this crime represents "pure greed," according to the Detroit News.

Along with owning the dance studio and being a charitable pillar of the Fenton and surrounding communities, LaJoice was also the CFO of the Clarkston Brandon Community Credit Union. His sentence was based on the length of his embezzlement scheme, and the amount of money that was stolen.

LaJoice had sought a five year sentence with full restitution. Along with his sentenced 11 years, he's also ordered to pay back approximately $18.6 million.

He begged for mercy, saying that he wasn't proud of what he's done, and asking to go home to his family. The court said that this is one of the biggest embezzlement cases the Eastern district has ever seen.

He'll serve his sentence at a federal prison in West Virginia.

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