If you have ever wanted to become a DNR conservation officer, your time is now.

As we approach a brand new year, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is looking to fill its ranks with new conservation officers. The process of finding new conservation officer recruits and probationary officers has begun.

What does a conservation officer do for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources?

Conservation officers with the Michigan DNR are fully licensed law enforcement officers that enforce laws and regulations related to:

  • Fish and wildlife
  • State parks
  • Trails and forests
  • Outdoor recreation activities:
    • ORV use
    • Snowmobiling
    • Boating

DNR conservation officers are also the first responders during natural disasters and life-threatening situations.

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What are the requirements for the in-service training program with the Michigan DNR?

The in-service training program is available to anyone who fulfills either of the following requirements:

  • A person that currently holds a Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards License (MCOLES)
  • A person that is eligible to immediately be licensed up employment and meets the Department of Natural Resource's hiring requirements.

Once one of those two requirements is completed, the new recruit would be able to participate in the seven-week, in-service training program. That training program focuses on conservation officer-specific laws and functions.

Where can I attend the MCOLES basic training academy?

MCOLES Law Enforcement Basic Training Academy's are available at the following schools:

  • Delta College
  • Grand Rapids Community College
  • Kellogg Community College
  • Lansing Community College
  • The Michigan Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division
  • Northern Michigan University
  • Wayne County Regional Police Training Academy

For more information on becoming a Michigan Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer, click here. 

Source: MI DNR

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