When pugs fly, this is really something, it just goes to show you how much a dog can learn. Maybe it's the strong love that Otis has for his owner Will De Salva that makes this ten-year-old pug take the plunge. He must kind of like it, he's done it 64 times. Take the jump to watch the jump.

Fearless Otis went barking mad for skydiving since his first jump many years ago says staff at the Lodi Parachute Centre in Acampo, Los Angeles.

Owner Will De Salva says: "He's totally aware of what's happening when he free falls and just like a first-time jumper he gets all excited about it and gets nervous at the door -- he seems to love it"

He's a lot braver than I -- you would have to drug me and throw me out of the plane.

Watch the video, and see Otis take the jump.


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