Mayor Sheldon Neeley says that he will not be shutting off the water to residential homes in Flint due to a lack of payment.

The pandemic has misplaced a lot of families and this moratorium will give those in need a little more breathing room.

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Mayor Sheldon Neeley pledged a 100-day water shutoff moratorium before being elected in November 2019 to allow for a study on water affordability.


“Water affordability is a nationwide issue in need of a nationwide solution. Water is a human right and no one should be denied access simply because they are poor,” Mayor Neeley said. “This administration will continue to be compassionate to the needs of our community.”

Now, this isn't an invitation to hold off on paying your water bill. You'll still be held accountable for the bills you accumulate, but with this, you won't have to worry about your water getting shut off. They also go on to say that more studies into the water system are underway to make more affordable rates for Flint residents. This is a step in the right direction for Flint residents, especially after the water crisis.

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