This is fantastic fun for a Friday...give your boss my apologies.

The premise of the new ads for Old Spice hair products is that anything is possible with great hair, even when it's not on your head. The commercials seem to poke fun at some typical male stereotypes, including baldness and a weakness for the ladies. is a digital ad campaign that well be embedded in custom web banners, news sights, and in Old Spice's social channels.

The fun for you is that when the male model's hair leaves his head, it will play any one of 29 Huey Lewis songs on a keyboard. "The Power Of Love", "I Want A New Drug", "This Is It" and "The Heart Of Rock and Roll" are just some of the favorites. You just have to chose one and tell the hair.

I played with this yesterday afternoon until my laptop least 45 minutes.

Please give your boss my apologies and have fun with the video below.

What song from Huey Lewis will you request first?

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