An angry customer set fire to a gas station convenience store in the Detroit area and the whole thing was caught on camera. The disagreement with the employee occurred because the man didn't like the smell of a cigar that he had purchased from the store.

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Irate Customer Sets Fire to Store

Kareem Qasem was on duty at the Exon Gas station located near the intersection of Ford and Schaefer Roads near I-75 in Detroit. The incident occurred early on Tuesday morning (8/23) at 5:44 am.

Qasem managed to escape from the convenience store without injuries. He tells Detroit TV station WDIV-TV that the man wasn't happy with the Swisher Sweets Cigar he had purchased and got angry when the clerk refused to replace it.

“He came talking to me about how he bought a Swisher leaf before he’s like to me, ‘it’s not good,’ and everything and ‘it has cologne on it,’ and I told him, ‘maybe bossman you’re the one that’s wearing cologne,’” Qasem tells the TV station.


Suspect Taken Into Custody

The Detroit Police Department reports that the man was later arrested and taken into custody.

“The suspect seen setting a Project Green Light partner business on fire this morning has been taken into custody. Great work by our Arson investigators in this case.”

Project Green Light is a partnership between the Detroit Police Department and local gas stations. Security cameras are installed and monitored in real-time in order to fight crime in specific neighborhoods.

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