This could be a breakthrough in animal therapy for people who suffer from dementia.

Washington resident Virginia Smith needs 24-hour care at this point, and her son James says that she's had cats for as long as he can remember. Two years ago, after the death of his father and Virginia's husband, her health rapidly deteriorated. She was forced to give up her cat and move up north to be near family.

When she moved into an adult home in Seattle, her son realized that being "catless" was taking an emotional toll on her. He Googled "robotic cat" and was surprised to find out that Hasbro makes them for $100. So, he and his wife got her one. And it obviously has done the trick.

This is akin to the fake baby dolls that are given to people in memory wards. We see that this works at Pat's mom's memory care facility. Anything to give these people some peace; it's really a terrible disease to watch unfold.

Good on you, James. The smile on her face is worth it, and thanks for sharing it with the world.

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