What freaking year is this? No, seriously???

The Mall of America in Minneapolis announced last week that they'd be hosting their first-ever "black Santa" over the weekend as part of their Santa Experience.

Larry Jefferson-Gamble traveled from his home base in Dallas to be the mall's first black Santa over this last weekend. He says that he's always loved Christmas, and started playing Santa at the age of 12 when he needed money to help with presents for his family - his dad was sick that year. Since then, he says, it "took off." He attended Santa School in 2014. He's also a retired Army veteran.

He says that most kids don't even notice the color of his skin - they're just excited to meet Santa. The same, however, can't be said for the awful, racist human beings who forced the Minneapolis Star Tribune to shut down their comments section online.

A CBS Minnesota report was always bombarded with racist comments.

What freaking year is this? I mean it! What kind of example is this setting for our children? Knock it off. Stop being racist. Yes, that's what it is. Racism. Pure and simple. Kindness and respect has gone out the window in this country, and I'm ashamed of it.