Take a look at this $800,000 cliffhanger!

A 4,000 square foot mansion built in 2007 is about to take a plunge into a lake located just southwest of Fort Worth, Texas. Video footage shows half the house on the ground and half dangling in the air.

According to Zillow.com, the huge luxury home, perched on a bluff overlooking Lake Whitney, is (or was) worth $800,000. Owners of the home evacuated two weeks ago, when they began to notice the ground shifting under and around their residence.

Neighbors reported seeing a huge chunk of the bluff falling into Lake Whitney on Tuesday evening.

Local TV news helicopters are circling the area in anticipation of the mansion's 75 foot tumble into the water.

Just how close is the $800,000 to the edge of the cliff? Watch the video below.

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