Lt Jeff Neville was hailed a hero at Fenton's 4th of July parade yesterday. He says the maintenance worker that pulled the attacker off him in the airport is the real hero. Neville said "I wear a uniform and I wear a vest, and I wear a gun. He doesn't wear that stuff, and he still pulled that guy off me so I could turn around and do my little part."

He says between him, the maintenance worker, Lt. Owen from the fire department, and others jumping in, the attacker was up against more than he thought he would be. He says the attack was over in a matter of 10 seconds.

Neville has been released from the hospital, but is still healing from his injuries. He does plan to return to work at Bishop International Airport once he is able to do so. He also says this attack has taught him to be even more aware of his surroundings.

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