Allegiant Air, one of the airlines that offers service to Bishop International Airport in Flint, will be providing all passengers with health and safety kits upon boarding.

The kits will include a single-use face mask, disposable non-latex gloves and two sanitizing wipes. The new complimentary kits will start being distributed to passengers this week on upon boarding flights.

In a statement, Chief Operating Officer Scott Sheldon said, "Our 4,500 Allegiant team members across America are — as always — one hundred percent focused on making sure your travels are as safe and seamless as possible. Whether you need to travel today, or are looking ahead to future vacations and long-overdue visits, we understand that your decision to travel is personal, and many factors are involved. And we know that a healthy environment is at the top of that list.”

The kits are part of the new program by Allegiant to enhance onboard and in-terminal health and safety measures, including cleaning and disinfection, air purity, low-touch service initiatives aimed at preventing cross-contamination, and social distancing efforts. Allegiant has also blocked the seats in every other row of their aircraft within their booking path to provide extra space for customers adhering to social distancing.

For their in-flight precautions, Allegiant has all food and beverages served in-flight pre-packaged and factory-sealed.  All in-flight magazines and inserts have been removed from all seatbacks. Crew members are wearing gloves during in-flight service as well.

Interesting enough, Allegiant is one of the few airlines that does not require passengers wear face masks to fly, but hopes that providing the safety kits will encourage the usage by their passengers.

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