When they couldn't perform in person, they performed over video.

Grand Blanc high school teacher Todd Babiasz wanted to make sure that his students didn't forget one of their core values during the COVID-19 outbreak that sent kids home from school back in March - the Positivity Project.
There are 24 traits on the Positivity Project are all character strengths that participating students are encouraged to embrace. Babiasz wanted to remind students that they're not just victims of the pandemic, but that they can help others during this time.

Grand Blanc middle school student Joshua Tewolde grabbed his brother and started playing music on their violin and cello for folks in senior homes so that they wouldn't feel lonely. When restrictions came down on visitors in these places, they didn't quit - they improvised.

And that's not all - their concerts became so popular that their concerts were being requested all over the country.

Babiasz's request that students continue their work with the Positivity Project didn't fall on deaf ears - Quinn Hilliker, a junior in high school, got her entire family to contribute their time and skills to make masks for healthcare workers.

"Everyone had their own job -- grandpa and dad cutting the fabric, mom and I sewing and Uncle Stan, Nolan and dad cutting out the filters."

Just another reason why we love the Positivity Project so much. Our son has been taking part in it at his school for years and it does so much good for these kids.

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