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An area church is helping residents of Genesee County who are facing crippling medical debt. Grace Emmanuel Baptist Church on Lapeer Road in Flint has raised over $150,000 which will go to help area people struggling to pay medical bills.

How did the church do it?

Through its 'Grace on Display' campaign, Grace Emmanuel partnered with RIP Medical, a charitable partner based in New York that is able to help communities eliminate medical debt.

According to RIP Medical's website, for every $100 donation RIP is able to eliminate approximately $10,000 in medical debt. The organization acquires 'debt portfolios' from specific communities so it is not able to target specific individuals who are seeking help. They are also unable to accept requests from individuals who are seeking assistance.

More about RIP Medical

The organization says that each day millions of people are forced to choose between medical expenses and paying for necessities like food and shelter.

Senior Pastor Dr. Rabon Turner tells our news partner Mid-Michigan Now that donations from Grace Emmanual members were used as a base as the church partnered with RIP Medical.

“We truly appreciate the support of our members and friends in contributing greatly to benefit the uninsured and underinsured of Genesee County. By partnering with RIP Medical, GEBC’s donation has been multiplied in a significant way to help alleviate medical debt for many uninsured and underinsured in our communities,” Dr. Turner said. “Grace on Display is an outpouring of the work and sacrifices we make every day as Christians to help our neighbors especially during their time of greatest need. It’s truly a powerful demonstration of what we can do when we all work together.”


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